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The XWW2 team has an immediate need for an additional coder and two texture artists

Apply within !

Join us on our BF1942 server for some XWW2 mod for BF1942 !

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By: DemonDelta
June 23, 2014

XWW2 Dev Team News

After reloading this page to another web host, Xww2 is back in business with our front page and smf forum for now. More pages will be updated in the future as time permits.  Pleas

This page is under construction and will be updated in the future

The XWW2 forum is up and running with all available updates. If you're a registered user, no need to re-register. Your account has not be affected.

Because of forum anti-spam measures and restrictions, all new registered users will have to be approved by the forum administrator.

 I extend our sincere thanks from the entire XWW2 team (past and present) To all of you who have downloaded our work and enjoyed or not enjoyed our mod work for BF2. I would personally like to thank all of our continued supporters and enthusiastic members of the XWW2 Community !




Brought to you by the  XWW2 Mod Team

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Join us on our new XWW2 home server for BF2 and play XWW2!

server is not active

server is not active


BF2 will be required

to run XWW2

BF2 mappers! Need a home? XWW2 always has a need for new and exciting maps.

Submit yours to the dev team for review

If you'd like to place your link on our homepage let the XWW2 admin know today