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The XWW2 team has an immediate need for an additional coder and two texture artists

Apply within !

Join us on our BF1942 server for some XWW2 mod for BF1942 !

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By: DemonDelta
March 11, 2016

  XWW2 Dev Team News 

Notice: Thanks to a recent upgrade/update of our forum, Anyone (besides spammers)

is welcome to register and communicate with the development team and/or other members.

Please note, our content is not available for use in other mods or other game engines. There has been an effort to bring XWW2 to a game engine other than the EA/DIce game engines and we will post a news update when the time comes for it.

Until, then there has been an interest in some of our mod members to continue working on our BF2 content. If there are any other DEDICATED, talented and creative individuals who wish to collaborate on such an endeavor, please drop DEMONDELTA a line at the FORUM. There exists new content for XWX2/BF2 that was never released for various theaters of battle and there is a strong possibility of making this happen.

I HOPE to hear from any or all that is interested in critiquing the XWW2 mod for its weak points and helping to seriously improve the qualities of the modification for BF2.

 I extend our sincere thanks from the entire XWW2 team (past and present) To all of you who have downloaded our work and enjoyed or not enjoyed our mod work for BF2. I would personally like to thank all of our continued supporters and enthusiastic members of the XWW2 Community !




Brought to you by the  XWW2 Mod Team

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Join us on our new XWW2 home server for BF2 and play XWW2!

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server is not active


BF2 will be required

to run XWW2

BF2 mappers! Need a home? XWW2 always has a need for new and exciting maps.

Submit yours to the dev team for review

If you'd like to place your link on our homepage let the XWW2 admin know today