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The XWW2 team has an immediate need for an additional coder and two texture artists

Apply within !

If you'd like to place your link on our homepage let the XWW2 admin know today


XWW2 Front Page                                                                                                                                                       best viewed using Mozilla Firefox!
By: DemonDelta - Team Lead
May 3,2012

XWW2 Dev Team News Announcement

First off, I extend our sincere thanks from the entire XWW2 team (past and present) To all of you who have downloaded our work and enjoyed or not enjoyed our mod work for BF2. I would personally like to thank all of our continued supporters and enthusiastic members of the XWW2 Community !

A very sincere Thank you to our Gracious hosts over at ART OF WAR CENTRAL for handling our recent website outage, repairing and moving our website to a new secure server so it won't happen again!! Their game servers rock! 

I am pleased to announce that our team Members have been continuing to develop the XWW2 mod/game with new content and files. in fact XWW2 is very much alive and in Progress!

Despite all rumors and lack of news here our work is far from over! I am actually pleased to also announce that because of the limitations and less than desired results, OUR team will not be updating our last files for the BF2/DICE engine.

On the contrary, We are currently and have been working with a small number of game engines to continue our development of not only our game play but also of our content and knowledge as game developers that will ultimately lead to the overall improvement and refinement of our work.

For that reason, we are looking for experienced developers who are interested in participating as dedicated XWW2 team members. If you are or anyone you know is interested please drop me a line. Be prepared to submit screens and sample files of your work in order to qualify as a member of the XWW2 team. 


XWW2 in game screens with the BF2 Engine

Here we have the M4A3 (E8) Sherman import to XWW2! 

A new desert map by True Spirit!

Brought to you by the  XWW2 Mod Team


O p t i o n s  

If you own BF2 you can download our mod's current release for that game Feburary 27, 2010!

Join us on our new XWW2 home server for BF2 and play XWW2!

Home Game Servers

XWW2-BF2 Homeserver

currently running single player

server is not active

XWW2-BF2 Homeserver -Europe

currently running multiplayer

server is not active

All Seeing Eye
 Ever think you are not seeing all the servers? Try this program it has a free trial peroid and shows more servers then most in game browers do.
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